A new illustrated artbook edition of “The Call of Cthulhu”, in French translation.

This one is, according to one translated review…

a fully illustrated edition of grand paintings by French artist François Baranger, concept illustrator of movies such as Harry Potter, Beauty and the Beast, and videogames like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. […] Instead of blood, sharp fangs, mutilated bodies and other things we associate with terror today, Baranger emphasizes the suppressed, hidden horror that Lovecraft slowly escalates in such a masterly manner. It is not entirely unreasonable to claim that Lovecraft would give his ‘thumbs up’. […] The bound book is of a monstrous size (20 x 28 inches) [and] the quality of the edition is high for its price, with thick, shiny pages and a hard cover that should survive many readings.

Some of the illustrations are also available as movie-like print posters in limited editions of 120. I’m not sure if there are other painted illustrations and/or b&w pen-and-line illustrations inserted in the text, but “fully illustrated” implies that there might be.