Each October, inkers all over the world do a ‘drawing a day’ challenge which goes under the title Inktober, and post with a (this year) #INKTOBER2018 tag.

Here are a few Lovecraft ‘Inktober 2018’ drawings that caught my eye on DeviantArt.

By Lipatov

By trapperkeeper, really capturing that old-time pulp feeling, with the help of some ‘Kirby krackle’…

Guarded by CAdamsIllustration

Migo by Persephoneblackdove

There’s still time to do the last few challenges, Double | Jolt | Slice, which all offer possibilities for pulpy Lovecraft fun.

If you’re new to digital drawing, on a desktop have a look at the free open source Krita 4, its Inking 101 starter guide and Wolthera’s free Inking Brush pack for Krita 4. The brushes in Krita can have real-time smoothing applied, so as to smooth the freehand strokes made by shaky hands. It helps to have a ‘draw on the screen’ pen monitor, which are expensive but Ugee makes good budget models (I have a £300 1910B). As an alternative you can probably pick up a used large Wacom digitizer pad for about £50, but make sure the pen is still with it and fully working.

There are of course many Android drawing apps for tablets, the best of which used to be Autodesk Sketchbook. That’s no longer on the Amazon Kindle App Store, so (unless you want to do a fiddly sideload of it) the translated Japanese app called Tayasui Sketches + is a good alternative choice for inking on a Kindle HD 10″ tablet.