A new blog post from S. T. Joshi reveals the contents of his new book on recent weird fiction, 21st-Century Horror: Weird Fiction at the Turn of the Millennium. And thus his rankings of authors therein, as The Elite, The Worthies, and The Pretenders, which are to be seen on the Contents page. Also, by silent implication of being omitted entirely, ‘The Unmentionables’.

Joshi also mentions that the French magazine Nez is to run an hour-long interview with him… “about Lovecraft’s fascination with odours, stenches, and related topics.” However, I guess it’s possible they may translate it and run it in French.

Also, it’s good to hear that Joshi’s forthcoming “H. P. Lovecraft Cat Book” is to be “comprehensive”. So presumably an assemblage of all the mentions of cats, felines and felis etc in the letters, as well as in other materials.