The “Ars Necronomica” art show is open now at the Providence Art Club, for the very-early arrivals at NecronomiCon 2015.

Picture: Thomas Street at the Beginning of the End by FatherStone (Metteo Bocci). The original is on show as part of the Ars Necronomica 2015 show.

There are also some photographs of the “Ars Necronomica” exhibits online at The Art of Skinner.

The Dodge House Gallery at the Providence Art Club also has a complementary show called “Rhode Island Eerie”

“featuring Rhode Island motifs, themes, and landscapes [that were] portrayed through the lens of the life and work of H. P. Lovecraft”.

Note that the Dodge House Gallery page has a Flash-tasitic 360-degree VR tour online. Didn’t work for me, since I’ve long since uninstalled Flash (it’s a massive security risk), but it may work for you.

Also on now in Providence is a restaurant wall show of contemporary Lovecraftian prints, “The Legacy & Future of H.P. Lovecraft in the Print” at Julians on Broadway, Providence.


Some original correspondence / notebook sketches by members of Lovecraft’s circle will be on show from Wednesday 19th at Brown University, in “The Influence of Anxiety: Lovecraft, Bloch, Barlow, et al.”.

Picture: Robert Bloch, “IÄA. Shub-Niggurath Y’A”, circa 1933. Brown University Library.

There are no other related gallery shows nearby in New England it seems, mostly chocolate-box landscapes and seascapes for the mainstream tourist.