Bobby Derie’s new essay “An Irreparable Loss: Robert E. Howard and Weird Tales, 1936″ scrutinises R.E. Howard’s publication history in regard to Weird Tales in 1935-36, interestingly delving into the financial intricacies and arrangements of the magazine.

“…it is likely that [William] Sprenger [the Weird Tales business manager] made the ultimate decision as to whom [among the writers] would be paid and how much; certainly he signed some of the checks.”

One hopes we may learn more of the Weird Tales finances and management in the forthcoming and final book of the Scarecrow Press / Rowman & Littlefield Studies in Supernatural Literature series, which according to S.T. Joshi is set to be…

“an anthology of essays on Weird Tales [magazine] edited by Jeffrey Shanks”.

I daresay that the focus of the essays will be on the writers and their fans, Brundage and other artists, and the demographics and geography of the readership. But a couple of thorough essays by business historians would also be very welcome.

Picture: Cover of Weird Tales December 1936, published shortly after Howard’s death.