More new scholarly print books from Hippocampus Press…

Donald R. Burleson’s Lovecraft: An American Allegory is a new book collection of his essays from the past 40 or so years. It appears to be shipping now.


* Darkness and Light: Lovecraft’s Impact on My Life

* Thematic Studies

Zen and the Art of Lovecraft
A Note on Lovecraft, Mathematics, and the Outer Spheres
Lovecraft and Chiasmus, Chiasmus and Lovecraft
Lovecraft and the World as Cryptogram
Lovecraft and the Death of Tragedy
Lovecraft and Romanticism
Lovecraft: An American Allegory
Lovecraft and Adjectivitis: A Deconstructionist View
Lovecraft and Chaos
Lovecraft and Interstitiality
Lovecraft and Gender
H.P. Lovecraft: Textual Keys

* Sources and Influences

H.P. Lovecraft: The Hawthorne Influence
Strange High Houses: Lovecraft and Melville
Ambrose Bierce and H.P. Lovecraft
A Note on Lovecraft and Rupert Brooke

* Studies of Individual Tales

Iranon and Kuranes: An Intertextual Gloss
On Lovecraft’s Fragment “Azathoth”
Aporia and Paradox in “The Outsider”
Is Lovecraft’s “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh . . .” a Cryptogram?
The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
The Mythic Hero Archetype in “The Dunwich Horror”
Prismatic Heroes: The Colour out of Dunwich
Humour beneath Horror: Some Sources for “The Dunwich Horror” and “The Whisperer in Darkness”
The Thing: On the Doorstep

* Lovecraft’s Poetry

Lovecraft’s “The Unknown”: A Sort of Runic Rhyme
On Lovecraft’s “Nemesis”
On Lovecraft’s “The Ancient Track”
Scansion Problems in Lovecraft’s “Mirage”
Lovecraft’s Cheshire Cat
Lines of Verse Evoking Close Reading: Acrostics-Formulated Text

Also Lovecraftian Proceedings No. 1, a print collection of the papers read at NecronomiCon 2013, and is set for publication August 2015. I’m unsure if these are verbatim from the conference, or if some have been expanded.