I took a quick look at the mysterious Weird Tales author of 1933-1937…


The only genealogical candidate I could find was a Mearle Wilson Prout (1911-1964) from Texas. He was exactly the right age to have written the Prout stories, from circa age 21 to 25. Update: “Stillwater, Oklahoma” is his address in a letter to Weird Tales in 1937. Genealogy date adds: “Home in 1940: Medford, Grant, Oklahoma”.

* “The House of the Worm”, debut short story, Weird Tales for October 1933.

* “Masquerade”, short story, Weird Tales for February 1937. (Translated into French as “Le Carnaval de l’horreur”)

* “Guarded”, short story, Weird Tales for March 1938.

* Letter in Weird Tales for May, Aug 1937.

* Letter in “Discussions” column in Amazing Stories “while [the title was] under Gernsback’s control”.