There’s something rather Lovecraftian about this beautifully filmed short movie of a forest. Not least the bioluminescence, little-seen these days but remarked on by Lovecraft a number of times in his fiction (“dancing death-fires”, “tales of dancing lights in the dark of the moon”, “swarm of corpse-fed fireflies”, “the faint glow of the vegetation”, etc). We don’t tend to see it these days because of light-pollution, electric torches and reflective jackets, and possibly because our eyes are not those of a rural old-timer who’d spent thirty years learning how to navigate a farm in the pitch dark so as to save the cost of lamp oil.

In this case it’s digitally-projected, but gives us a taste of what it might be like if we could see the bioluminescence happening in the web of forest ecology. Details at Bioluminescent Forest (requires Flash).