Doc Con XVII will be a Doc Savage fan convention in Glendale, Arizona. Apparently set for 17th-19th October 2015.

No news since last summer, it appears, about Sony’s mooted Doc Savage movie. And, given the Sony hack, there may not be for some time. The job might be done better by a lavish 1930s costumed TV mini series, showing 6 x two-parters of the very best 181 original Doc books (1933-1949). And ideally with no modernising tweaks. A quick scoot around the Web suggests The Man of Bronze and The Polar Treasure are two likely candidates… but it seems there’s no handy list to be had with a title like: “The Six Very Best Doc Savage Novels, for those who really don’t want to slog through all 181 titles”.

Though a handy slog-free taster of Doc can be had from the quarterly Doc Savage magazine (1975-1977), oversize b&w ‘mature’ comics with extra-long stories. I remember being very fond of these, pieced together as a collection of used copies picked up from comic shops. They are collected in a huge hardback reprint Doc Savage Archives Volume 1: The Curtis Magazine Era which is apparently set for release 3rd February 2015 (according to Amazon USA, Amazon UK says 20th January).

Oh, and about that time when H.P. Lovecraft let Dent use his settings and monsters? Doc Savage: Madness from the Sea, perhaps