A very nicely designed and illustrated 1943 booklet, While Benefit street was young by Margaret Bingham Stillwell (1887-1984). A short but vivid first-hand childhood account of a street and area that Lovecraft knew well, around the turn of the century. Written by an academic who was, back then, a slightly older youth than Lovecraft was (circa age 14-ish, to his 11-ish?). Sadly there’s no Kindle or OCR version, but it can be freely read online at HathiTrust.


Encyclopedia Brunoniana states that the booklet was…

intended to defend the street of her childhood from a reputation of sordidness and disrepair suggested by David DeJong’s [David Cornel De Jong] novel, Benefit Street. … She continued her campaign with the publication in 1945 of The Pageant of Benefit Street [144 pages, sadly not online].