In the spirit of the new ‘trigger warning’ labels being applied to potentially ‘offensive’ literature…

Political correctness, if applied to Lovecraft story titles:
Shadow Over Innsmouth Rainbow Over The Working Class Town Brutally Cast Aside by Exploitative Capitalist Trade Routes
The Terrible Old Man The Very Misunderstood Wise Elder Person who Chooses to Adopt a Traditionally Masculine Gender Role
The Haunter of the Dark The Comforting Spirit of the Municipal Energy-Saving Street-light Initiative
The Cats of Ulthar The Autonomous Feline Creatures Who Are Not Pets and Who Just Happen to Choose to Reside in a Town, Where They Work as a Collective
The Dreams in the Witch House The Communally Shared Visions in the Strong Womanly Healer’s Rainbow-Coloured Tent
The Rats in the Walls The Delighful Furry Companions Who Are Allowed Free Range to Find Their Way Through Permeable Organic Architecture
The Thing on the Doorstep The Vulnerable Drug Dependent Person on the Doorstep Who Must Not Be Judged, and Who Must Be Given Cash
At the Mountains of Madness At the Culturally Specific High Place That Has Probably Been Given An Indigious Name by the Kindly Shoggoths, and Which We Should Not Cruelly Associate With Our Westernized Notions of Mental Wellbeing