Added to this blog’s Open Lovecraft page:

* Brian J. Reis (2013), “Structurally Cosmic Apostasy: the atheist occult world of H.P. Lovecraft”, LUX : A Journal of Transdisciplinary Writing and Research, Vol 3, No.1, 2013. (On Lovecraft in relation to the Theosophists)

* Chris Laliberte (2013), “The Real In R’lyeh: on Lacan and Lovecraft”, with caffeine & careful thought, Vol 1. No.1, 2013. (Seems to be the house ejournal of the English Dept. at the University of Toronto)

* Justin Woodman (2004), “Alien Selves: modernity and the social diagnostics of the demonic in “Lovecraftian Magick”, Journal for the Academic Study of Magic, 2, 2004.