A PDF of The Cross Plainsman (Autumn 2000) contains a transcript of the 1932 list of books owned by Lovecraft, sent to R.E. Howard. Presumably it was a partial list, items of interest to Howard?

“There are then appended the pages listing Lovecraft’s personal library at the time, August 1932. […] I append here the list of books in the 1932 HPL collection:”

Interesting to see that Lovecraft owned a pirated amateur edition of the famous Not at Night omnibus.

Also on the shelves in 1932 was “Theory of Pneumatology – Jung – Shilling”. Not, as you might think, the Jung. But rather Johann Heinrich Jung-Stilling, a man of the late 18th century.

“This [The Theory of Pneumatology] is in reply to the question, what ought to be believed or disbelieved concerning presentiments, visions and apparitions, according to nature, reason and scripture. Contents: Introduction; Examination and Refutation of the Principles of Materialism; Remarks Upon the Nature of Man; On Presentiments, Predictions, Enchantments and Prophesying; On Visions and Apparitions; Brief Summary; Notes. Also included is a biographical sketch of the author, Johann Heinrich Jung-Stilling.”