New 120-page book by Renzo Giorgetti, Lovecraft and Synchronicity (EDS, Stienta 2012. In Italian). Here’s the gist of a translated review

Giorgetti uses ideas of synchronicity theorized by [the mystic/psychotherapist] Carl Jung. [The book has a] chapter dedicated to the figure of “Nyarlathotep” [in which Lovecraft] incarnates the state of tension that unites the crowds at that particular moment in history […] because of political and social upheavals [arising in the the post-war crisis year of 1919]. Then there are seemingly daring combinations between Lovecraft and the contemporary Italian writer Massimo Bontempelli. […] Another very striking juxtaposition is in the final chapter where the music of Erik Satie is compared to that of Erich Zann. Satie — one of the greats of contemporary music — is portrayed as an eccentric and passionate about esoteric beliefs.