Lovecraft’s Providence, on Google Street View (give it a moment to load the map, then it will switch through to Street View)…

Site of 454 Angell Street. Family home to 1904. House torn down in 1961.

598 Angell Street. Home from 1904 to 1924.

10 Barnes Street. Home from 1926 to May 1933.

Site of 66 College Street. Home to 1937. House moved in 1959 to 65 Prospect Street.

Swan Point Cemetery. Entrance, site of Lovecraft’s gravestone.

Providence Public Library (hideously ugly modern entrance, and the grand old entrance which is no longer in use).

Prospect Terrace. A favorite haunt in young childhood and occasionally in adulthood.

Blackstone Park / the Seekonk River at York Pond. A favorite middle-childhood haunt, and as an adult the site of outdoors summer letter-writing…

“At the present moment I am seated on a wooded bluff above the shining river which my earliest gaze knew & loved—which my infant imagination peopled with fauns & satyrs & dryads—. Whenever possible, I take my writing out in the open in a black leatherette case—.” — H.P. Lovecraft letter, 8th July 1929.

The Ladd Observatory. Site of boyhood astronomy.

Thomas Street. The “Fleur-de-Lys” building and the Providence Art Club.

John Hay Library, Prospect Street. Home of the Brown University Lovecraft collection.