More additions to the Open Lovecraft page:

* Richard Palvik (2013), H.P. Lovecraft: narratologisk analys av atmosfar och fasor (Masters dissertation. Title translates as “H.P. Lovecraft: a narratological analysis of atmospheres and horrors”. In Swedish, with English abstract).

* James Odelle Butler (2012), “Name, Place, and Emotional Space: Themed Semantics in Literary Onomastic Research” (PhD thesis for University of Glasgow, UK. Examines “The Interlaced Realities of Lovecraft County” on pp. 172-188).

* Gert Jan Willem Bekenkamp (2006), The World of Wonder: on children’s lust for terror (PhD thesis for the University of Leuven, Netherlands. With an introduction by Ramsey Campbell).

* Bruce Lord (2004), The Genetics of Horror: Sex and Racism in H.P. Lovecraft’s Fiction (Part of Lord’s archive of writings at