I’ve found another two appearances of Lovecraft’s elegy for his adored cousin Phillips Gamwell, who died young. Lovecraftian sources have the poem appearing in the Providence Evening News on 5th January 1917. But here it is in The Cambridge Chronicle, 6th January 1917, possibly with new biographical details in the introduction…



The same poem appeared again in The Cambridge Tribune on 13th January 1917, under the simple title “Phillips Gamwell”, this time with a fine photograph of cousin Phillips…


… and the following week there was also an addendum on the photographer.

We’re also informed by The Cambridge Tribune of 2nd January 1904 that Phillips Gamwell was visiting Providence. Lovecraft then age 13, Phillips aged around 6. Here is Phillips Gamwell aged six in 1904 in The Cambridge Chronicle


Resembles the young Lovecraft, wouldn’t you say?