The Mormons (LDS) have officially put three of Kenneth W. Faig Jr.’s Lovecraft books online for free. No, they haven’t suddenly taken to worshiping Cthulhu. The Mormons are interested in anything genealogical, since tracing your ancestors is apparently a key part of their religion. So they’re happy to include serious works of that nature in their vast online databases. No registration required, to view.

George Elliott Lovecraft: Lost Scion of the House of Lovecraft (Moshassuck, 2010).

Qvae Amamvs Tvemvr: Ancestors in Lovecraft’s Life & Fiction (Moshassuck, 2008).

Devonshire Ancestry of Howard Phillips Lovecraft (with Chris Docherty & Langley Searles) (Moshassuck, 2003).

Faig’s 1993 Phillips genealogy (with its 1994 Corrections & Additions volume) for Lovecraft’s maternal line is available free, but only via LDS microfilm. Presumably one can access it via local LDS research centres, of which there are many.