Added to the Open Lovecraft page…

* Jesse Norford (2012), “Pagan Death: Lovecraftian horror and the dream of decadence”, IN: Eoghain Hamilton (Ed.), The Gothic: probing the boundaries, Inter-disciplinary Press (Critical Issues Series), 2012.

* Stefano Lazzarin (2004), “Horreur, hyperbole et reticence chez Lovecraft”, Belphegor, Vol.3, No.2, April 2004. (In French. Title translates as “Horror, hyperbole and reticence in Lovecraft”).

* Francesco Toniolo (2012), “L’Anello di Cthulhu: Il mito religioso in Tolkien e Lovecraft”. (In Italian. Appears to be an undergraduate final disseration? Title translates as: “The Ring of Cthulhu: religious myth in Tolkien and Lovecraft”).