Added to the Open Lovecraft page…

* Ben Woodard (2010), “Thinking Against Nature: nature, ideation, and realism between Lovecraft and Schelling”, Speculations journal, No.1, pp.47-65.

* The journal Antartes: prospettive antimoderne, No.00, 2011. (Special Lovecraft issue, in Italian only).

* Cecile Cristofari (2012), “Le temps du reve lovecraftien, ou l’elaboration d’un temps du mythe”, e-lla, May 2012. (In French. In the online journal of the University of Provence, France. Title translates as: “The dreamtime Lovecraft, or a development from the times of myth”. Essay tests the application of the Australian Aboriginal idea of ‘the dreamtime’ to key Lovecraft stories).

* Tomi Vatanen (2010), “Tuntemattomiem Kaahujen Tutkijat: maailmankuva H.P. Lovecraftin novelleissa” (Title translates as “The Unknown Terrors of Researchers: the worldview of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories”. In Finnish. Appears to be a Masters dissertation from Finland).