Many will have a horror of poetry. Possibly this was inculcated by being forced to wrestle with Beowulf and Chaucer in school English Literature lessons; then having to endure dire performance poets at “open mic” student nights while at university; and perhaps also by a simple 21st century incomprehension of any media form that does not immediately reveal its meanings. But poetry can have a horror all its own. Evan Peterson mused on the form a few weeks ago, in his article “Intimate Monsters: Examining the Value of Horror in Poetry“. I was inspired by this article to go in search of similar open access articles, and found “Fresh Graves: An Essay On Horror Poetry“; “The Stigma of Horror Poetry“; and “Horror Poetry: Why The Hell Would You Want to Write That Shit?“. There is also a newsletter, Dark Metre: The Free Newsletter For Horror Poetry which was started in 2011 and which has so far produced a laudible 11 issues. I also noticed that there’s a mild debate on ‘can heavy metal music lyrics count as horror poetry?’