Monsters: Subject, Object, Abject :: April 12th-13th 2012. The Manchester Museum, Manchester (northern England), United Kingdom

From children’s toys to religious architecture, from medical and legal definitions to Gothic romance – cultural products resonate with fear, obsession and desire for the monster.

CALL FOR PAPERS: Proposals are sought for 20-minute papers. Possible topics include (but are not limited to)…

Monsters in literature, art, music and film
Architectural monsters
Subjectivity and the monster
Objectification and the monster
Historical definition of the monstrous
Medical and legal monsters
Theorisations of the monstrous
Mythology, folklore and legends
Hybrids and hybridity
Cyborgs and the posthuman

Please send 300-word abstracts to by Sunday 1st January 2012. For more information, please see our website:

Following the conference, there will be a two-day public Monsters Convention in Manchester. We would be interested in hearing from anyone interested in offering a talk or seminar at this convention. Please email Dr. Hannah Priest for more info: