Tavik Frantisek Simon (1877-1942)

Brooklyn Bridge, New York (1927)

“I had seen it in the sunset from a bridge, majestic above its waters, its incredible peaks and pyramids rising flowerlike and delicate from pools of violet mist to play with the flaming clouds and the first stars of evening. Then it had lighted up window by window above the shimmering tides where lanterns nodded and glided and deep horns bayed weird harmonies, and had itself become a starry firmament of dream, redolent of faery music, and one with the marvels of Carcassonne and Samarcand and El Dorado and all glorious and half-fabulous cities.” — “He” (1925) by H.P. Lovecraft, based on a longer description given in a letter, of sitting with Loveman watching the sunset after a long day of walking in May 1922.

Under the Brooklyn Bridge, New York (1927)

“… the lapping of oily waves at its grimy piers and the monstrous organ litanies of the harbour whistles.” — “The Horror at Red Hook” (1925)

New York Public Library (1927)

The library now has a notable archive of letters by Lovecraft.

“Lovecraft began reading Providence in Colonial Times at the very end of July 1925. Since he could not check the book out of the New York Public Library [he] had to read it in the genealogical reading room during library hours” — S.T. Joshi, H.P. Lovecraft: a life (1996).

New York at Night (1927)

“the horror tales of deep and dark chasms have their realistic counterpart in descriptions of the cavernous streets of Manhattan.” Unknown article including some commentary on Lovecraft in Landscape: Volumes 15-16 (1965).

Seventh Avenue at Night, New York (1929)

“Loveman, Howard and FBL dropping in at a cafeteria on Seventh Avenue for coffee and doughnuts, a rather stocky figure arising from a table near the door. “Howard, how are you? Sam didn’t tell me you were in New York!” — Marginalia, 1944.