The LA Times reports that del Toro is one step closer to a real green light for At The Mountains of Madness. He and Cameron (Avatar) have had a summit meeting with the suits at Universal, showing them concepts, monster models, and a revised script…

“He [Cameron] pointed out one thing that was big. I’ve been thinking about this for 35 years, and he pointed out something I’d never seen [in the script].”

Toro also said he was “rewriting and rewriting” and was considering “unexpected” casting choices if the big-name stars backed out or proved too expensive for the Universal suits. If the movie and its huge budget is green-lighted — presumably after Christmas, then Toro could start shooting as early as June 2011.

And a special tie-in graphic novel featuring Tintin! (Er, no… actually it’s a spoof by UK artist Murray Groat).