Ah, that’s what I like — an opportunity to combine H.P. Lovecraft with 3D CG work (my other blog is about 3D CG indie animation). Lovecraft Creature Lab challenge asks for a still image…

“Create a creature based upon a non-human critter from H.P. Lovecraft’s literary works. The creature should have a fully resolved form, convey motion where appropriate, and be believable. Creature can be shown as either a 3/4 view or as a ‘turn-arounds‘ [ i.e.: a sequence of standing shots from different angles, combined in one still image ].

Any medium is acceptable — traditional, digital, 2D, 3D … anything. The minimum size acceptable is 8.5″ x 11″. For judging purposes on ArtOrder [ a Ning community of Fantasy and Science Fiction illustrators ], submit a .jpg no larger than 2500 x 2500 pixels. Photographs of non-digital entries are acceptable as long as they meet the minimum size requirements.

Part of this assignment is to go through the text and pull out the descriptive passages that are informing your creation. These passages should be included with your submission. Remember to dig out bits that talk about how the creature moves as well, if there are any.

[…] Finals [final works] should be dropped into the Lovecraft Creature Lab Final discussion folder in the ArtOrder community.

Deadline: 8th October 2010.

Keep in mind this is a character design challenge, so all of the creature needs to be clearly seen. No vague aery nebulous half-seen unnameables.

Tor.com has a nicely presented round-up of some of the most notable Lovecraft artists. There’s also a selection of links to artists over on the Directory sidebar for this blog.