If you can read Italian, the new 200-page edition of the scholarly journal Studi Lovecraftiani (#12, July 2010) is free online. For the first time, it seems…

“The move of SL from traditional paper format to an electronic version is an experiment which — it is hoped — will bring new readers. From the next issue, however, we will also return to having a paper version of SL, which will complement the electronic one.”

The PDF text allows copy and paste, so you can run it through Google Translate and/or Babelfish if you want to figure out what’s being said — sadly there are no English summaries of the articles.

And it’s easy enough to get a print-on-demand copy of your PDF edition, via an upload to lulu.com, if you really must have one for your collection.

The ‘new publications’ notes at the end of the volume refer to the essay “Sufi Motifs in the Stories of H.P Lovecraft”, but the text doesn’t provide the PDF link: it’s here.