I’m still finding Lovecraft related links for the front-page directory of this blog. Such as Arkham Tales: the magazine of weird fiction, which has five free PDF issues online. Leucrota Press are now publishing the magazine. They have issue #6, and the just published latest issue #7, for download at a very reasonable $1.99 each. Perfect PDFs for your new Kindle or netbook.

Cover art by Mari Anne Werier.

Why are gems like this so hard to find out about (and I’m an expert web researcher and link finder)? And why are Lovecraft websites so sparsely interlinked with each other? For instance, according to a link:arkhamtales.leucrotapress.com search of Google, no-one links to Arkham Tales. No one. Which means that Google will completely bury the link in its search results.

In terms of sustainability of this sort of project, people, linking to it is almost as important as subscribing to it.