Petal Search, an English search-engine by China’s Huawei and apparently with its own index. After cleaning all the unwanted cruft off the front-page with uBlock, it can be made nicely minimalist…

Images seemed the most useful. But it turns out the ‘HD’ filter is puny, regarding a mere 900 x 1200 as ‘high’. Still it’s possibly useful as a third-opinion on images, as it gives very different results than DuckDuckGo Images or Google Images.

News feels like Bing, but without the extreme timeliness and with a whole lot of local British news seeming to be filtered through a cheesy relayer called rather than going directly. At a guess that may be to comply with Chinese government requirements?

The main search is sprinkled with ad-cards, but these are easily removed with uBlock. Definitely not as good as Google for the first page. I suspect the problem is in running weaker semantics on the query rather than in the index.

One thing it is is fast. Very fast. They’ll be using their own ‘special’ routers, no doubt.