A few years back I made three curated picks from the Unsplash CC0 Creative Commons collection, and posted these here…

* Libraries and archives theme.

* Creative Industries I theme.

* Creative Industries II theme.

The CC0 status was later changed. For instance, Alex Knight uploaded his Robot picture under CC0 Creative Commons, prior to the end of 2017. But Unsplash now has its own licence, under which it is claimed this formerly CC0 Creative Commons picture now sits.

The new licence is not that bad actually, on glancing through it… it seems to just prevents the big stock companies from ingesting en masse and re-selling. But now comes the news that the evil stock agency Getty Images is about to “acquire” UnSplash outright anyway.

So here’s another pick, and under the still relatively permissive non-Getty licence, before the purchase goes through and any changes start happening.

What follows is ‘Creative Industries III’. As before, images reduced a little to make them more wieldy, and a few spamming brands (Apple, Nike etc) were airbrushed away. Photographer names are in the file-name, and should be credited if used in print etc. A few of the older pictures (see my collections above) don’t pop up for me in search, where you might have expected to see them again, and may have since been deleted or moved. Useable “draw-on-the-screen” images are very rare, but I found two good ones.

Creative Industries III:

Daylight code writing (useful, as most such pictures are on black):

All-night code writer:

Guitar maker:

Leather crafts maker:

Glass crafts maker:

Pattern knitter:

Children’s book illustrator:

Graphic illustrator:

Special-interest magazine editor:

General designer using a Cintiq or XP-Pen:

Table-top RPG game designer / miniatures painter:

Pinball table designer:

Children’s party clowns:

Branch librarian / local documentary-maker:

Field researcher (a bit spammy, re: the brand, but the closest I could get which says ‘field research’):

Local history writer:

Philosophers / old books conservator:

Sports vehicle designer:

Vehicle livery colourist:

Hair stylist:

Local TV studio, junior camera operator:

Local TV broadcast station desk-jockey:

Live theatrical event desk-jockey:

Podcast interviewer/presenter:

Synth/trance musician / YouTube celeb:

Young stage drummer:

Young comics reader:

Children’s creative dress-up:

Community dance: