How to hide all Amazon search results containing the word Bluetooth.

Why use this:

i) Let’s say you are searching for wireless headphones. You want headphones with a proper radio-frequency wireless base-station that uses a rock-solid 100-yard range, and not those that use the infernal and unreliable Bluetooth system. You thus want to remove the vast number of Bluetooth headphones from your search results. But Amazon’s filtering system won’t allow you to do that.

ii) Or perhaps you simply want to remove all results with a title containing your own chosen keyword. Again, this assumes that Amazon lacks the required sidebar filtering, and that you have hundreds of results to manually trawl through. In which case, just change the keyword used below.


Use this simple code with the popular free Web browser add-on “uBlock Origin”, by adding it to uBlock’s filter list. Simply paste the code to the list and save.

! Hide all search results on Amazon which contain bluetooth in the title[data-component-type=”s-search-result”]:has-text(/bluetooth/i)

Of course you should also change to whatever your usual national Amazon store is, if you’re not in the UK.

You should not find it also interfering with your Wishlist pages, but if you do then whitelist in uBlock’s ‘Trusted Sites’ thus…*

Thanks to RraaLL for suggesting an improvement to my initial way of doing it. Post updated.