Sad to see that the search-engine Yippy, based on Bing, has yipped its last yip. The domain now bounces to DuckDuckGo. When its sources were last heard of, Yippy was a version of Bing but with a strong boost given to sites for complex coders, regex wranglers, javascript jugglers and HTML hammerers. Also technical hobbyist sites in other fields, it was said. As such it was rather useful on occasion. It was also nice that it didn’t freak out if you ran the same search seven or eight times or more. It tolerated drilling at depth, which Google now has problems with.

DuckDuckGo is partly based on Bing (a blend of Bing and Yandex, when its sources were last heard of). It appears to be unknown if there has been a back-end ingestion that makes it a replacement for Yippy. But a few initial tests suggest it might be a reasonable replacement, and may have had some of Yippy’s weightings plugged in. For instance try a search for…

“href.replace” regex script

But if you want a technical search for your field or hobby in 2021, with full indexing reach and relevance-ranking, it’s probably best to create a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) and populate it with about 100 or so of the top relevant URLs.