JURN is now as up-to-date as it can be, ready for the “back to university” crowd. I’ve completed a link-check of the full URL base, checking for continued presence of an indexed URL path in Google Search. The full path is checked, not just the top domain (e.g. foobar.foo/foo-foo/journal_of_foo/articles/ and not just foobar.foo). This checking process has been slow, taking about 18 months, on and off.

Of course, a few URLs may still have newly broken in the meanwhile. But the core URL base is kept fresh by a regular check of the key home-page URLs, as organised and listed at the JURN Directory of arts & humanities journals (English-language journals only). This Directory was link-checked and updated in mid September 2020. Also recently link-checked, back in July 2020, was JURN’s openEco Directory of over 800 journal titles variously related to the study of wildlife, ecology etc. Please update any local copies you may be keeping.