Norwegian-American Studies

Italian Modern Art

Architecture Philosophy

Luminary, The

Fantastika Journal

Comics Reporter, The (indexing interviews only)

Europubmed fixed — they recently changed the per-article URL path from ../articles/ to ../article/

Semantic Scholar’s harvested PDFs are back in JURN again. This also now brings in some record pages, bounced from the pdfs/.. URL path, in which case the users needs to check the URL on the record page. If it appears to be a book and the page says something like Petplayground2 . Com then you know the harvester has been somewhere dodgy and harvested a pseudo-ebook.

Thankfully the search result only appears to bounce if the PDF is 404, which means the ‘hive of scum and villainy’ has been erased.

U.S. Forest Service Treesearch service. JURN already has excellent coverage of forests and natural fire, but this adds another 54,000 selected items relevant to the USA.

Canadian Field-Naturalist, The (four-issue paywall, but worth indexing to get 2013-2019 into JURN).

Science Museum Group Journal (UK)