I’m happy to report success with testing a gig on Fiverr that offers to Download an entire website from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. I put in a test order for a site archived in late 2015, a technical forum for some graphics production software. The forum had abruptly vanished on being sold to a larger business.

While it is possible to do what Joseph is offering for free, the only options appear to be Linux, command-line, or a couple of subscription/paid Cloud services. For a mere $6 it thus seemed worth finding out what Joseph could do.

He delivered a 310mb .zip containing 1.1Gb of archive from a given date. It was a script-driven .PHP forum site, but that caused no fuss. I didn’t expect him to re-work links to make a working site again, for that reason. Though apparently he can do that, on simpler HTML sites.

On my desktop PC dtSearch then indexed all text in the extracted files, regardless of file-type, and thus enabled keyword-search across the archive. If you need freeware on that point, then DocFetcher is a good free equivalent to the paid dtSearch.