The new fancy editor UI has landed for free WordPress users. Yes, they’ve given it a radical makeover, again. Thankfully I haven’t even needed to look at it, nor the one it replaces, as the trusty old editor is still chugging away — if you know how to get to it. To use the very old ‘original’ one, you simply install the vital UserScript edit post redirects. Every time you press ‘Write’ to start a new post, you go to the lightweight interface you’re familiar with.

It is a little too lightweight in just one respect. You will not get a button to add a ‘center’ code on the old editor UI, which you do on the fancy one. This can be replaced by a right-click browser addon such as ‘Paste email‘ which you set up to paste…

No need to add the end p tag. Here there are also Italics tags. I’m assuming you want a centred picture-title, in italics to clearly distinguish it from the body text.

Note that you will need to switch to the new UI in order to successfully download a .ZIP backup of your blog. You can go through the motions on the old UI, but you’ll not get the .ZIP file.