Problem: Downloading from SourceForge may be impossible from the UK and EU, due to cookie madness. This occurs if your cookie-alert blocker and/or overlay-blocker automatically removes SourceForge’s huge “ACCEPT COOKIES!” blocking screen, which means that the SourceForge download-timer will never start. You never get your file.

Solution: Bypass all that junk, and go straight to the direct download. Do this by simply installing the SourceForge: Direct download links UserScript.

Result: You get a direct download from the Files tab. Right-click on your desired file and then “Save linked content as…” (or whatever your Web browser’s equivalent is of that right-click menu item).

Incidentally, the UK is to opt out of the EU’s questionable new copyright laws, once our glorious Brexit is done, and hopefully we’ll also stomp on the EU’s hated cookie alerts too. Which means that UK users may not need this solution, at some point in the near future.