Needed: an easy three-click “WordPress to ebook” service that works on any free blog account. Such a thing doesn’t currently seem to exist. I can only find ebook plugins for install on third-party hosted installs of WordPress, or which need’s £240 per year Business account upgrade (which allows use of plugins).

Zinepal used to be a service that would do it from an RSS feed, but has been withdrawn. The similar ebookGlue is dead. I would have thought this would be an in-demand service for the millions of free WordPress blogs. But no, it seems not. Ideally such a service would allow you to mark only your wanted posts by previewing a snippet as well as the title, then let you re-shuffle them into themed chapters and sections, before outputting to an editable ebook-friendly format. I’m assuming a non-fiction blog here, with perhaps 3,000 posts.

What it doesn’t need to be is something just pushes the whole blog into an ePub and calls it done.

Update: Solved. WordPress2Doc – a free ebook converter for free blogs.