NAVER Academic is an attempt at a Google Scholar-alike for South Koreans. It’s fast and neatly designed, and is interesting because (unlike Scholar) it has a “Free” filter for its search results.

My quick test search suggests it’s mainly interesting for those seeking non-English content from the region. A search for mongolian folk song filtered by “free” had 19 results. Six of these had English titles and were checked…

1. English abstract. No full-text.
2. English abstract. No full-text.
3. Very short English abstract. CORE record. No full-text.
4. Short English abstract. CORE/JSTOR record. No full-text, DOI link led to 20 Euro paywall.
5. Very short English abstract. CORE record. Link led to full-text PDF “Music Classes of Elementary School in Mongolia” in Japanese.
6. English abstract. No full-text.

Of the 19, only one was actually free. Thus the main problem here is that “free” does not = “full-text”, unless you have academic log-ons within South Korea.