An apparently new Delhi Declaration on Open Access

“The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) lists only 200 out of the 20,000+ journals being published from India.”

Yes, the DOAJ part of the statement is correct. I downloaded the DOAJ .CSV, sorted by Country. There are indeed currently 201 journals in the DOAJ with a country identifier “India”.

At November 2013 the DOAJ figure for “India” was 598, so presumably a great many Indian-published OA titles went during ‘the great purging’ at DOAJ.

But the Declaration’s “20,000+ journals being published from India” can’t all be Open Access. Presumably by “20,000+” the authors are talking about all journals, of all types. Thus it might have been better and fairer to DOAJ if the Declaration had been rather more precise, by comparing the 200 DOAJ-listed OA journals to the total number of known non-predatory OA journals published from India.


An India and Pakistan study of “open access journals indexed by Scopus up to Oct 2017” found that the “major share of journals are from India, which contributes 593 Journals in which only 218 (37%) journals are currently active” (Akhoon and Ganaie, “Status of Open Access: Across Borders”, 2018).