TagWalk: The Fashion Search Engine is a very nice high-end ‘trends search’ experience for the fashion industry. It kind of feels like you’re using Anna Wintour’s personal search-engine, but it’s public. Extensively tagged by hand, by a small team of ‘industry insider’ curators. It’s fast too. Humdrum academic archive discovery searches could learn a thing or two here, in terms of slick navigation and speed.


The only thing I’d change would be the ability to switch through from womenswear to menswear, so that when you’re looking at Spring/Summer 2017 “tag” in womenswear results, you can instantly flick over to the same “tag” in menswear for visual comparison. I’d also add “hat” and “cap” to the tagging, since they’re currently missing, though that may be because designers are not currently sending hats down the catwalk. At the back is “moodboards”, which I didn’t explore, but I presume you can pull your own custom moodboards of designs.