Just a note on the popular third-party Facebook filter F.B. Purity. Changes are obviously afoot in how their blocklist blocks items from appearing in your personal Facebook feed. I’ve noticed a number of changes so far, and possibly there are more…

1) Under the “Photo Stories” settings, the option to block “Meme” stories is now much more sensitive that it was. It is blocking all sorts of legitimate items. Possibly it was boosted to help people cope with the U.S. elections?

2) “Selfie” blocking is now blocking things like Christmas event posters, that just happen to have a small face somewhere on them.

3) If you were also correctly blocking all stories from a news site such as Russia Today (aka RT, Putin’s public propaganda arm), in your personal Text Filter blacklist, using a backslash thus…


Then note that this now also blocks all shares from any other URL ending in *rt.com

4) F.B. Purity’s word blocking in the Text Filter also auto-expands on the root word, something I don’t remember seeing happen before. For instance, if you block “stories” then you also block all posts using “histories” and blocking “ISIS” blocks all posts with “crisis”.