A quick survey of some of the better free Photoshop book-cover mock-ups. Mock-ups are where you drop in the hi-res cover graphic for your own book, replacing the one in the graphic. All below were being offered without weird ‘installers’, ‘premium’ download accounts, mailing-list pop-ups or other tom-foolery, and they un-zipped fine.

Hardback Book Mockup, which looks suitable for the ‘easy-reading for hipsters’ sort of books.


Hardcover Book PSD Mockup, a chunky classic manual / textbook type of book. The download has a simple five-second timer-delay but works.


Free Book Mockup .PSD. A straightforward large tome, perhaps suitable for an encyclopaedia volume.


Propped Up 6 x 9 Paperback. The levitation effect looks a little odd, but could suit a title on the future of technology or similar.


9 x 7 Landscape Paperback Book Mockup. Could work nicely for a small Blurb print-on-demand photobook.


Photorealistic Book Mockup. Could suit a small volume of translation or poetry, although getting print-on-demand binding that looks as finely tooled as that might be a problem. 15 second download timer-delay, but it does download.


5 x 8 Mass Market Paperback, but with a little scaling on the background (to make it look larger) it might also be used for the cheap paperback of your 800-page academic brain-crusher.


6 x 9 Boxset with Small Spine and 6 x 9 Book Series Template both have a look suitable for slim 150-page local history book as a Lulu 6″ x 9″ print-on-demand paperback.