Since the Beall’s List -listed publisher Asian Network for Scientific Information (ANSInet) no longer has titles in the DOAJ, they were yesterday removed from JURN.

I note that MDPI’s journal titles remain in the DOAJ, and thus remain in JURN (via indexing their “special issues” pages only).

So far as I’m aware, these were the only two ‘Beall-questioned’ publishers in JURN. Although Beall has sometimes nibbled at the MDPI, I note that they were removed November 2015 and the MDPI is no longer on his current List.

The only real loss, as regards ANSInet and JURN’s comprehensive coverage of eco titles, is their Plant Pathology Journal. I’m open to re-indexing that title, if anyone experienced in plant pathologies can persuade me that articles from that particular title should be findable via JURN.