An update on the numbers involved in the ongoing cleaning of the DOAJ, “A Clean House at the Directory of Open Access Journals”

The process of cleaning up the DOAJ has been going on for some time and is getting close to an important milestone. All the 10,000+ journals listed in DOAJ were required to reapply for inclusion, and the deadline for that is December 30, 2015. After that time, any journals that haven’t reapplied will be removed from the DOAJ.”

…as of November 19 just over 1,700 journals had been accepted under the new criteria, and just over 800 had been removed”

The DOAJ currently has “10,779 Journals” according to their website (5,554 of which are tagged as publishing only in English, and of those 710 also have arts/humanities, linguistics, or ‘general works’ subject classifications). It’ll be interesting to see how many get thrown out on 31st December.