I’ve enabled Speech Input for the JURN search box. So far as I can tell this doesn’t impact the speed or overall search experience. But the new feature may be useful for those using certain smartphones or text-to-speech software on a desktop PC.

I’ve also experimentally enabled the “Image” search tab, which now sits alongside a tab for “Web” search results. The “Image” results are drawn from the same set of URLs as the main search. Due to JURN’s large size the “Image” results may take a second or so to appear. This doesn’t appear to impact the speed of the main “Web” search results, since “Image” results are not loaded simultaneously.

“Image” results only start to become usefully focussed when using phrases such as [“banana cultivation” spacing]. Those who just use a short string of keywords, such as [banana cultivation spacing], will often see what initially looks like it might be a useful selection. But on closer investigation these results can be somewhat off-topic, for instance line drawings showing how to plant cocoa and mango plants as well as bananas. As with the main search, to get the best out of JURN’s new “Image search” it’s best to uses phrases with additional keywords, and to be as specific in your keyword choice as possible.