More news about how academic journal corruption works in China

“… a report in the U.S. journal Science [told of how] “China’s publication bazaar,” as it is described, allows unscrupulous scientists to pay big money — up to $26,300 — to become authors of scientific papers they didn’t write. […] They don’t do any experiments or research either [but are catered to by China’s] “flourishing academic black market involving shady agencies, corrupt scientists and compromised editors — many of them operating in plain view,” according to Science.”

Some of these dodgy papers are not simply published behind the Great Firewall of China. For instance, one was found in a legitimate western journal called the Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences.

“Publishing in journals — especially those with international credibility — is often key to academic promotion and is seen as critical in China. “People are sparing no expense in order to get published in international journals,” Fan Dongsheng, a neurologist and former vice-president of Peking University Third Hospital, told Science.