An exemplary effort from the National Library of Wales, to get all their small and local journals freely available online at Welsh Journals Online. Added to the JURN Directory, and also to the JURN Search…

Flintshire Historical Society Journal (1977-2003)

Flintshire Historical Society Journal (1911-1976)

Gwent Local History (1976-2006)

Gower (1948-2005) (local history of this remote Welsh peninsula)

Journal of the Pembrokeshire Hist. Society (1985-2005)

Journal of the Welsh Bibliographical Society (1910-1984)

Journal of Welsh Ecclesiastical History (1984-1992)

Journal of Welsh Religious History (1993-2004)

Y Llyfr yng Nghymru / Welsh Book Studies (1998-2006)

Morgannwg (1957-2004) (Glamorgan local history and archaeology)

Montgomeryshire Collections (1944-2002)

National Library of Wales journal (1939-2006)

Nature in Wales (1955-1987) (included for its book reviews of literary nature writing)

Pembrokeshire Historian (1959-1981)

Radnorshire Society Transactions (1931-2004)

Reports … Cardiff Naturalists’ Society (1900-1981) (later issues also have regular articles on local history and archaeology)

Transactions … Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society (1911-1938)

Wales (1937-1959) (literary journal with reviews)

Welsh History Review (1960-2001)

Welsh Music History (1996-2004)