Public Domain Day, 1st January 2012, gets its own website. Including a list of authors whose published work is to enter the public domain on that day, according to the ridiculously elongated “70 year rule”. Noted names include Robert Baden-Powell (Scouting for Boys), James Frazer (The Golden Bough), Sherwood Anderson (Winesburg, Ohio: a group of tales of Ohio small town life, including the anthologised “Hands”); Hugh Walpole (the Jeremy trilogy, and also two gothic horror novels), and of course James Joyce, and Virginia Woolf. Not listed at the site: the A.J.A. Symons (died 1941) classic The Quest for Corvo would seem to be entering the public domain. Illustrator Sidney Sime also died in 1941, so his classic horror and Dunsany fantasy illustrations may be in the public domain. In the UK, the Welsh rural novelist Ross Jones — once hailed as “a second Thomas Hardy” — died in 1941 and so would seem to be about to enter the public domain.