My software-assisted checking of JURN’s article-level index is now complete.

The process involved determining if each and every URL in the JURN index was still being “seen” and indexed by Google. In this second and final check, another 180 or so journals have had their URL re-found and corrected. I also adjusted the relevant Directory URL, when that was found to have changed. Another 20 dead or deleted journals have been removed. All this means that every URL in JURN’s main index is currently being indexed by Google.

I then did a quick Linkbot-based re-check of the resulting latest version of the JURN Directory, looking for and correcting any “404 not found” results.

I think I’ve now developed a fairly robust “pincer movement” method that can annually curtail the inevitable link-rot:— i) the article-level URL-checking; and ii) spam-word searches in JURN; and iii) the checks on the English-language Directory for “404” / redirected home-pages.