Google News has just introduced a new feature to find articles written by someone, rather than about someone…

“If you spot an article by a specific journalist, you can click their name to bring up other articles they’ve written.”

With this and the Google News RSS feed, it’s now possible to set up a simple news feed for new articles from your fave journalists. Possibly in the elegant Firefox addon Feedly. Don’t forget to click “sort by date” before you grab the feed.

And since you can plug RSS feeds into pages, you could now set up a public Daily Something page, cut out the churnalist press-releases and just have a select band of top specialist journalists effectively writing for you. This is really going to annoy the newspaper publishers.

And you can also type a simple search modifier into the Google News search-box, e.g.:

author:”Matthew Parris”

And this can be combined with the source: modifier…